Please note the following information before you apply

What is a state subsidized apartment and what are the requirements for renting? 

State subsidized housing is intended to help increase the supply of affordable housing in order to ensure affordable rent for the broad section of the population. The prerequisite for renting a state subsidized apartment is submitting a ‘Wohnberechtigungsschein’  (WBS) ( a certificate required to live in apartments that have been built using state subsidies) It is possible to receive a rent subsidy depending on your stage of life and your gross annual income.  

Before applying for an apartment, please clarify whether you are entitled to a ‘Wohnberechtigungsschein’ with your local housing office. The Office for Urban Development in the Department of Urban Renewal and Housing is your contact for residents in the city of Regensburg,. You can reach the office via the following link.

For further information please click here.

Can KWS tell me if I am entitled to a ‘Wohnberechtigungsschein’? 

Unfortunately, we cannot help you here. Only the local housing office can tell you whether you are entitled to a subsidy or not. Please contact the ‘Wohnungsamt’ (local housing office) before you apply.

I have a certificate of eligibility for housing with income level 1 (Vormerkbescheid) and am looking for an apartment in Regensburg. Can I apply for an apartment at KWS? 

You are welcome to apply here at any time with a ‘Wohnberechtigungsschein’ for a state subsidized apartment.  We regret that we cannot take applications into account with a ‘Wohnberechtigungsschein’ and income level 1 (Vormerkbescheid) for the cities of Regensburg and Landshut.  The apartments in these cities are allocated by each city individually using their own corresponding proposal lists. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to offer you a state subsidized apartment in this case.

 If you have a ‘Wohnberechtigungsschein’ with income level 1 (Vormerkbescheid), please apply directly at your local housing office.

Is it possible to obtain an apartment from KWS without a ‘Wohnberechtigungsschein’? 

The KWS also has privately financed apartments. You do not need a ‘Wohnberechtigungsschein’ to rent a privately financed apartment.

In which cities does KWS offer apartments?

Our array of houses is spread throughout the entire diocese of Regensburg, with the main focus being on Regensburg and its surrounding area. You can find our residential locations in our overview. Please also note our other housing locations for "student residences", "multi-generational living" and "assisted living".

Do you also have houses and larger apartments for rent?

Our assortment of accommodations focuses mainly on 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments with a living space of approx. 35 - 80 m².  Occasionally we also have 5-room apartments with approx. 100 m².  As of 2021 we will also offer terraced houses for rent for the first time in Regenstauf. 

Do you also have special offers, e.g. for students or senior citizens?

We are happy to be able to offer housing for all stages of life. Please feel free to click through our various types of accommodation: "student residences", "multi-generational living" and "assisted living"

Do you also sell apartments and houses?

KWS only offers apartments for rent.

Do I have to pay commission?

Since we only rent out apartments owned by us or a third-party, you do not have to pay any commission. We are not involved as a real estate broker. 

Where can I find the KWS apartments that are currently available?

You can find our current offers on our homepage.  You can also check on other offers from the "student dormitories", "multi-generational living" and "assisted living" housing types. 

All offers can also be found on Immobilienscout24. If a suitable apartment for you is not available at the moment, you are welcome to fill out a general application for a rental apartment

What is the best way to apply?

You can apply directly to us here on the homepage. Otherwise you can contact us so we can mail you our application form. 

How long is an apartment application valid?

For data protection reasons your application is valid for a maximum of 6 months. If you have not found an apartment within these 6 months, you are welcome to apply for a new apartment. Please understand that we cannot maintain a long-term waiting list for reasons of data protection.

Do I have to be "Catholic" to be able to get an apartment? 

Your denomination, race, origin or nationality, as well as other criteria of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) are not among the criteria for the allocation of our apartments.

Do I have to enclose a Schufa (credit rating agency) statement directly with my application?

Schufa information is not required in the application process and therefore does not have to be submitted.

Can I move into a KWS apartment with pets? 

Small pets are always allowed in our apartments. Please list any other pets in the application process. A decision on the approval of pets will be made according to each individual case. I A permit can be granted in most cases. 

Is a kitchen normally included in the apartment? 

KWS normally rents out apartments without a kitchen. However, the kitchen of the previous tenant can often be taken over. Such a takeover though has to be clarified between the previous tenant and the new tenant and is not included in the rental contract. 

Can I also use a ‘deposit insurance’ instead of a security deposit? 

We regret that we do not accept ‘deposit insurance’ or ‘rent deposit guarantees’. 

What about barrier-free or wheelchair accessible apartments? 

We are happy to be able to offer both barrier-free and wheelchair accessible apartments at various locations in our assortment of accommodations. Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Are there apartments that have their own garden? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer apartments with a garden

If you want to apply please use our application form.