Please note the following information before you apply

What are the mandatory criteria for admission to one of the student residences?

To be accepted into one of our residence halls, you must be able to show your ‘Immatrikulation’  (certificate of  enrollment) at the University of Regensburg or at the OTH Regensburg.

Can I also rent an apartment/flat-share room as an apprentice / trainee / student?

Due to the state funding of our residence halls, our apartments/ shared apartments may only be rented to students of the University of Regensburg or the OTH Regensburg.

Are there any other criteria of special importance regarding admission to a student residence?

The following points are also taken into consideration:

    ° BAföG (federal student grants) or other state support expected to be received (please submit verification)

    °Distance from place of study to home address (a commuting distance beyond what is    feasible)

    ° Beginning semester of your studies

How do I apply?

You are welcome to apply right here on our homepage. Simply fill out our application form and directly upload your valid ‘Immatrikulation’ certificate.

 When and for how long can I rent an apartment?

As a rule, the beginning of the rental contract or the move-in date for our student residences is 01.03./01.04./01.09./01.10. The minimum rental period is one semester. At the end of a semester, the rental contract is extended continuously for a further 6 months unless notice is given.

Is it possible to submit the ‘Immatrikulation’ (certificate of enrollment) / BAföG certification at a later date?

Yes, this is no problem. We would be very grateful though if you could submit your ‘Immatrikulation’ or verification of BAföG as soon as possible after applying.  Please send us any missing documents by e-mail to 

Are apartments also available that are suitable for the disabled?

We can offer low-barrier and also handicapped accessible apartments in the student residence "J.M. Sailer"

Which costs are already included in the rent?

Utilities, electricity and internet are already included in the rent. The radio licence fee (GEZ) is not included in the rent.  You need to register for this on your own. 

How can I find out which shared apartments / apartments are available?

You will usually receive our offers by e-mail. Please check your e-mail box regularly. 

Can I see the apartment in advance?

Unfortunately we are not able to do so under normal circumstances because the apartments are usually occupied until the end of the lease.

When can I expect an offer for a shared apartment / apartment?

The allocation of apartments and shared apartments starts about 2 months before the start of the semester and usually ends 2-4 weeks before the start of the respective semester. Please understand that we cannot give any interim notifications regarding the status of the allocation.

How will I receive the contract?

The rental contract will be sent to you by mail after the allocation of an apartment / shared apartment.

Will I receive notice if I could not be considered for an apartment?

Unfortunately, we are unable to send a letter of refusal to every applicant due to the large number of applicants. Your application documents will be deleted after all available apartments / shared apartments have been allocated.  Old applications will therefore not be considered for the next allocation date. However, a renewed application is possible at any time.

When will I be able to receive my keys for the apartment, shared apartment?

You will be informed by mail and e-mail about the date of handing over the keys approximately 2-4 weeks before the moving-in date

I am planning a semester abroad; can I sublease the apartment?

Please inform us ahead of time because permission for subleasing is needed from the landlord. You will find detailed information regarding this in our service area on our homepage.

Are moves within the residence halls possible? 

We regret that this is not possible.

Do I have to take care of minor repairs as a tenant in a student residence,?

Luckily, the landlord takes care of all minor repairs in the student residences.

If you want to apply please use our application form.