Please note the following information before you apply

What does "assisted living" actually mean?

"Assisted living for senior citizens" is a form of housing for elderly people which is intended to enable them to lead an independent and healthy life style in their own home despite the increasing need for assistance. The independence of the residents is the main focus. KWS provides apartments suitable for the elderly. Our working partner Caritas provides the care services that are agreed upon for the individual needs of each person.

If you need more information on assisted living, we recommend our homepage or the homepage of the Caritas association. Our customer advisors are of course also available at any time for a consultation with no obligation.

 How can I visualize an apartment for the elderly?

Our apartments in "assisted living" are specially tailored to the needs of older people. There are no thresholds in the apartment. The area, especially in the bathrooms, is carefully planned with appropriate dimensions to allow sufficient room. An elevator is part of the standard equipment in the residential complex. Our professional caretaker service takes care of jobs such as house cleaning, snow removal, etc. We would be happy to send you further information on the condition of our apartments - also with a sample floor plan. Please feel free to contact our customer service directly.

And what exactly are these "support services"?

There are two types of "support services". The key part of our basic service is a home emergency call system in connection with an emergency call center and an in-house technician on call. Depending on the location, additional services are included in the basic service or other options can be individually booked.  In any case, the services are clearly specified. We would be happy to provide you with any further information.  Feel free to contact us directly.

Are there any requirements for moving into "Assisted Living"?

Please understand that the apartments for "Assisted Living" are exclusively intended for senior citizens. Unfortunately, these apartments cannot be allocated to students, young couples or families. The "assisted living" housing form is designed to ensure the independence of the residents. These apartments would not be suitable if more extensive nursing care was needed.  We would be happy to advise you individually in a non-obligatory consultation.

Is it also possible to buy an apartment in "assisted living"?

Our apartments are only available for rent. We basically do not offer any apartments for sale.

How large is an "Assisted Living" apartment?

The apartments in "Assisted Living" are usually intended for 1-2 persons. They are between 30 and 80 m² and are usually designed as 1-, 2- or 3-room apartments. 

What is the maximum number of people that can rent an apartment in "Assisted Living"? 

An apartment in "Assisted Living" can be occupied by a maximum of 2 people. 

Do you also offer state subsidized "assisted living" apartments?

At some locations we can also offer state subsidized apartments in the "assisted living" housing form. In this case, the prerequisite for renting is a ‘ Wohnberechtigungsschein’ (WBS) ( a certificate required to live in apartments that have been built using state subsidies). 

Can KWS tell me whether I am entitled to a ‘Wohnberechtigungsschein’ or not?

We hope you will understand that we are unable to make a statement regarding your being entitled to a ‘Wohnberechtigungsschein’ or not.  Please contact your local ‘Wohnungsamt’ (housing office)  before you apply.

Where are the locations for "assisted living"?

Our overview page shows you all current locations of "Assisted Living". We may also have new apartments in the planning or under construction at other locations. So please feel free to take a look at our new building projects.

Where can I find  the apartments for "Assisted Living" that are currently available?

You can find our current offers on our homepage or on Immobilienscout24. If a suitable apartment for you is not available at the moment, you are welcome to apply for an apartment in "Assisted Living" at any time.

Do you only offer apartments designed for the "Assisted Living" house form? 

In addition to our "assisted living" apartments, we also offer normal rental apartments, student apartments and a residential complex for multi-generational living.

Do I have to pay a commission?

Since we only rent out apartments owned by us or a third-party, you do not have to pay any commission. We are not involved as a real estate broker. 

What is the best way to apply?

You can apply directly to us here on the homepage. Otherwise you can contact us so that we can mail you our application form. You can fill out a general application or apply for a concrete apartment offer. You can find our apartment offers on our homepage and on Immobilienscout24.

How long is an apartment application valid?

For data protection reasons your application is valid for a maximum of 6 months. If you haven’t found an apartment within these 6 months, you are welcome to file a new application.  Please understand that we cannot maintain a long-term waiting list for reasons of data protection.

Do I have to be "Catholic" to be able to get an apartment?

Your denomination, race, origin or nationality, as well as other criteria of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) are not among the criteria for the allocation of our apartments.

Do I have to enclose a Schufa (credit rating agency) statement directly with my application?

Schufa information is not required in the application process and therefore does not have to be submitted.

Can I move into a KWS apartment with pets? 

Small pets are always allowed in our apartments. Please list any other pets in the application process. A decision on the approval of pets will be made according to each individual case. I A permit can be granted in most cases. 

Is a kitchen normally included in the apartment? 

KWS normally rents out apartments without a kitchen. However, the kitchen of the previous tenant can often be taken over. Such a takeover though has to be clarified between the previous tenant and the new tenant and is not included in the rental contract. 

Can I also use a deposit insurance instead of a security deposit? 

We regret that we do not accept ‘deposit insurance’ or ‘rent deposit guarantees’. 

Are there apartments that have their own garden? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer apartments with a garden.

Do the "Assisted Living" apartments have a balcony or terrace?

Normally, our "Assisted Living" apartments have a balcony or terrace.

If you want to apply please use our application form.